January Preschool Morning Work

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As a teacher and/or parent you know some mornings are going to run smooth and others may leave you feeling a bit scattered. You get a phone call right before students walk in, you’re pulled into a “quick” meeting, or maybe the photo copy machine is down AGAIN! Since routine is huge for your preschool and elementary students it’s important to have a morning routine.

January Pre-K Worksheets

If you were to go from classroom to classroom you would see students working quietly and independently. With different teaching styles it may look different but we all have the same goal. I have done centers and stations, but seem to always go back to starting my day with morning work.

It provides students with a way to settle in and work independently while taking attendance, lunch count, and checking notes. Everyday students know to come into the classroom, put their belongings away, and get started at their seat. For morning work assignments, I provide a variety of printables throughout the month that focus on basic math and literacy skills. It also gives me time to check in with students to see if they are grasping concepts being taught.


Establishing routine in the beginning of the year is key to making the mornings go smoother. It’s important to teach, model, and practice expectations so your students are successful and you can enjoy the start to your day.


If you would like to get started with meaningful morning work, please check out my January Preschool Morning Work to see if it’s for you or my Preschool Morning Work Bundle for the year. These packets will provide your students with basic math and literacy printables. You can use them in your classroom or for at home learning.

Lastly, if you are thinking morning work is not for me! You can always incorporate these into your centers, workshop time, or even send home for homework. They are great for practice and review! It’s up to you how and when you use them! I just am loving a little extra pencil paper work these days since there is so much focus on technology! Fine motor is so important in the early grades, plus your students will enjoy the different themes from month to month!

You can also grab this cute Color by Number FREEBIE here.

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