Emergency Sub Plans

August 28, 2020 No Comments

Writing Sub Plans was like the last thing on my teacher list…oh how I dreaded it! I think I did because I spent hours and hours writing them out. I wanted to make sure my students were left in good hands and had meaningful work to do while I was out sick or at a professional day. I definitely always went over the top and left enough stuff for like 3 days, but the sub for the day was always thrilled with the detailed plans left, so I guess it was worth it to make their day go smoother! However, have you ever sat at your computer when you’re not feeling well and tried to prepare sub plans. Yea, so not fun! Writing them out and then having to photocopy everything, when all you wanted to do or needed to do was go to bed!

I was a substitute teacher before and I know how days can go when no plans are really left but just a few notes. No really, have you ever walked into a classroom not knowing the school or students and there are a few scribbles on a page of the daily plans?! This happened to me a couple of times and boy did it make for a long and scattered day! You definitely figure out who is easier to sub for than others!

My goal in creating these Emergency Sub Plans is for you to feel organized and good about leaving your class for the day! Honestly, these were two of my favorite products to make because I KNOW they will save you time! Since, my 1st Grade Sub Plans are one my top sellers, I also made Kindergarten Sub Plans. There are so many printables included that you can always use the extra pages for morning work, center time, or homework.

So here they are! Both the Kindergarten Sub Plans and the First Grade Sub Plans include 2 full days of substitute plans, printables, and editable templates to use again and again. Just check them out, I promise you won’t be sorry! You will find math, literacy, social studies, and science worksheet printables for your students!  Don’t wait to the last minute like I did somedays, get prepared, and ready for any day!!!

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